the look of 20160130 | windswept

denim - Zara, clutch - COW vintage, sunglasses - vintage Braderie, jacket - United Colors of Beneton, top - &other stories, boots - Zara

with at least three pairs of flared trousers in my closet, I feel quite into the flare game now. I fell in love with these ones recently - with perfect length, perfect height and with very unpretentious flare








discovery of Berlin Fashion Week!
I'm totally in love with the looks

check all of them here



the look of 20160120 | traveler's uniform

coat - I.MAGNIN vintage, earrings - COS, sneakers - Reebok, jeans - COW vintage

my second outfit post from Berlin Fashion Week. just this time it's my airplane uniform. as comfy as it gets!



beauty dinner | sensilis

let's talk about the evening routine. wearing makeup gives us visual satisfaction, obviously but don't you tell me that it doesn't feel good to wash everything off.
when it comes to skincare (peeling cream / face mask / face cream), I still going for Pevonia Botanica cosmetics. it's actually been a year I'm constantly using it! but to be honest, I've been looking for a perfect makeup remover for a while now. and I'm glad to say I'm pretty much sure I've found it!

what I love the most about it is how sensitive it is to my skin and, at the same time, 100% effective. Senisilis BI-phasic eyes and lips makeup remover also has no parabens and no mineral oils. flawless thing.

get it HERE




check the full collection here



the look of 20160119 | in Berlin

scarf - Lindex, west - knitted by mom, coat - I.MAGNIN vintage, shoes - London Rebel, sunglasses Vintage Braderie, shiny socks - COS, lace top - vintage, gloves - Lindex, clutch - grandma's heritage
hey! I'm back in Birmingham now after attending Berlin Fashion Week. the trip was quite spontaneous but it was totally worth going. I'm still in a phase of rethinking everything what's happened, so be patient, I promise all the highlights in couple of days.

on Tuesday I chose to cover myself in layers and dazzle everyone with my vintage I.MAGNIN cat from COW. worked out pretty well!



choices | wrap it up

if someone would ask me to name a must-have accessory for the winter season, it wouldn't take a second for me to say A SCARF. even if it's not that cold, it's always nice to wrap something soft and warm around your neck. 
however, it's not always that easy to find a right scarf. selection in stores is huge, so it doesn't take too much effort to get lost.
to make it slightly easier for you, here are my top choices from different stores online. there are no screaming patterns or colors, because once you find the one, you definitely will wear it with everything.



Pallas Athena by Emir Eralp

look at her go
look at her go again
look at her go now
look at her run
look at her loosen up her hamstrings
look at her stretch her hands and her shoulders
look at her run in midair
look at her cook her eggs
if we ever did need a goddess, NOW would be the time.
good luck, good luck Pallas Athena


read the full feature on NOWNESS



in a mood for precision

earrings - COS, perfurme - Hermes

even though, I very rarely am perfect, the right fragrance and right accessories make me feel like I really am precise. to the fingertips



the look of 20160110 | ribbed

ribbed trousers and tunic - Lindex , boots - Zara, scarf - Zara, fake fur jacket - vintage, sunglasses - Braderie vintage

 this outfit is a pure dedication for all the grey clothes I haven't worn for years. I really don't think grey is color that brings out the best of me. however the minute I saw this ribbed Lindex suit, I couldn't stop thinking about it. and I got it, and I'm happy, and I'm wearing grey!

and I'm going to Berlin Fashion Week on Monday, life is good



it's Sunday, let's read

my recommendation for an easy, very chilled out Sunday would be 'Love X Style X Life' by Garance Dore that I just added to my bookshelf. takes off your mind from all the problems perfectly and motivates you to be even more amazing than you already are.