the look of 20161031 | dress up game

long jacket - Shein, boots - Zara, bag - vintage + diy, denim jeans - Lindex + diy, earrings - Lindex + diy, watch - Daniel Wellington, turtleneck sweater - H&M

photos by my dear Ruta Ukanyte

Play with your wardrobe - that's an ancient rule and definitely known for every each of you. Just after uploading photos to my computer I noticed that today I went for the dress up game 100 percent. The statement earring you see is just two hoop earrings combined into one, shabby edges of those Lindex denim jeans was my little diy project a while ago and the red scarf handle is also added by me to a vintage bag that was bought with no handle at all.
All these little details always help you to jazz up your daily looks and to stand out in crowd too.

Of course the highlight of this outfit is a purple long sleeve jacket purchased from Shein recently. The color is perfect, isn't it? No matter how much we all love black, it's fun sometimes to brighten up your day with some lighter shades.

So, the moral of this sunny Monday is - have fun! Also, be happy, smile a lot, laugh hard and love harder.



the look of 20161027 | casual Friday

grey sweatshirt - Audimas, coat - Fleurette vintage, stilettos - REISS, jeans - COW vintage, bracelet - Veimotti, earrings - COS, green socks - Lindex

photos by Greta Zilinskaite

Happy Friday! Is just me or it came much quicker than it should have?
Today is all about comfort. It always is, but since the days are getting darker and colder, I start to look for 100% comfort in my daily looks. And that means not just choosing the right materials and avoiding complicated cuts, but eliminating colors and bright prints too. My mind gets tired of all this stuff pretty quickly and that's just how it is for me. You might feel the comfiest in a pink zebra print jumper and that's more than OK. There are days I also like to peacock a bit.

 However today is not one of them and I choose to match the rainy sky and damp pavements. Although everything is not that depressing when you have a batman print on your jeans and your grey sweatshirt is the softest thing in the world. There's no exaggeration here, trust me.
 Well and of course, adding a red lip and heels to your outfit instantly makes the day much better. Never forget that!



the look of 20161016 | take me to the theater

bag - Lindex, shoes - La Strada, skirt - Lindex, coat - Baur Foradori vintage

photos by Greta Zilinskaite

And here I'm back again, with another coat and burgundy Lindex shoulder bag, which became irreplaceable recently. I have already told you in my previous post, that one coat is just not enough for me. It is how it is and I can't do much about it (or more like I don't want to). So in order to fulfill my needs and still be able to pay my taxes, I have a browse in vintage stores from time to time. Because here how it is: one coat is your investment and the others are your entertainment.
Talking about this one, I simply couldn't leave it on a hanger. It costed me 1 euro, it's in a very good condition, it's from alpaca wool and it's a true Austrian vintage brand from 1980's. I think it's worth the cost.

Keep me warm and tell me stories.



coat - Fonnesbech
pendant dustball - STUDIO KAROLINA

It is a season of coats, obviously. And if you are about to invest in one, this dark navy coat would be my top recommendation. Why? Well the answer is more than simple. The cut, the quality and THE color. No matter how boring that sounds, if you're going for that one and only, it should be either black or navy. In this case, dark navy is above everything. Your perfect choice. 
I probably couldn't live with only one coat in my closet and usually there are like four or five that I wear on daily basis. However one of those five is definitely a black one and let's be honest, I end up wearing it more than everyone thinks I am. 
And while some of you might say that too many people are wearing dark colors already and it's boring, I would say it's simply beautiful and it's boring only if you make it look so. Devil is in the details, so if you need some eccentricity in life, go crazy with accessorizing! Silver boots? Oh yes. Big hat? Of course. Pink nails? Go for it! As long as you feel good, everything works. 



the look of 20161011 | Audimas x Robert Kalinkin

Rena top - Audimas x Robert Kalinkin, trousers - second hand, hoop earrings - Lindex, coat - Paul Costelloe

photos by Greta Zilinskaite

Even though I usually end up with fairly elegant looks, you might have noticed, that there is always at least a little bit of edge in them. I mean, if there's a golden bracelet on my wrist, I'll probably be wearing white cotton tee or a pair of rocker boots, something like that. It can be the opposite too. When I see that the outfit is getting too sporty, without even noticing it, I feel a desperate need to grab a pair of heels or put bright red lipstick on. That's just how it works the best for me. 

This time a black top from Audimas and Robert Kalinkin collaboration was the one piece that balanced out my extremely elegant look. I have already seen this top on a few girls, however I still couldn't resist getting it too. This top could easily be called a wardrobe staple because it just suits everything else in it! And you can't argue with me on this. Period.



bath/shower gel and velvet hand cream - L'Occitane

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It couldn't be easier to participate, so hurry up!

The giveaway runs until 13/10/2016



the look of 20161005 | mood boosters

coat - Fleurette vintage, trousers - Joseph Janard, camisole top - Lindex, bag - vintage, boots - La Strada, bracelet - Veimotti

photos by Greta Zilinskaite

Remember the gorgeous bracelet I wrote about this week? So here it is again, this time in a complete look featuring Veimotti. As the jewelry is itself, I went for a semi-classical, quite minimal look and since it feels like winter outside already, I was more than happy to take out my favorite vintage coat for a walk. When is that cold, you have to entertain yourself somehow. My way is a combination of red lips, favorite coat and in this case, a nice piece of jewelry on a wrist. Once you put them all together, the day gets better instantly.
Have a nice day you all, happy Friday!



the look of 20161003 | burgundy is THE color

photos - Greta Zilinskaite

Honestly, I can't remember when was the last time I was so happy with a new bag. This burgundy wonder is from Lindex extended collection and you have definitely spotted it on my instagram lately since I simply can't stop wearing it. Mainly because of perfectly made handle and my soft spot for this color, which is even more sensible in autumn. I mean, THE color.


new in | VEIMOTTI

"Rocking Pearl" bracelet - Veimotti 

Hello hello! I think I've just reach a new level of elegance here. Meet my new daily companion, a perfect fit with a watch or without - a gold-plated beauty from a lithuanian brand Veimotti  It was found not a while ago, however guys are doing a great job!
What really caught my eye when I first saw their jewelry, that it is a perfect balance of true classics and modern shapes. That is also a reason why Veimotti is really versatile. It doesn't matter what age you are or what occupation you have - I'm pretty sure you will find something you love. I definitely did!