the look of 20161011 | Audimas x Robert Kalinkin

Rena top - Audimas x Robert Kalinkin, trousers - second hand, hoop earrings - Lindex, coat - Paul Costelloe

photos by Greta Zilinskaite

Even though I usually end up with fairly elegant looks, you might have noticed, that there is always at least a little bit of edge in them. I mean, if there's a golden bracelet on my wrist, I'll probably be wearing white cotton tee or a pair of rocker boots, something like that. It can be the opposite too. When I see that the outfit is getting too sporty, without even noticing it, I feel a desperate need to grab a pair of heels or put bright red lipstick on. That's just how it works the best for me. 

This time a black top from Audimas and Robert Kalinkin collaboration was the one piece that balanced out my extremely elegant look. I have already seen this top on a few girls, however I still couldn't resist getting it too. This top could easily be called a wardrobe staple because it just suits everything else in it! And you can't argue with me on this. Period.


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